Pumpkin presents: The Team

The staff pumpkin is composed of tre permanent members and various other people who reside in Europe and in the whole world; according to requirements, they are contacted to collaborate with our projects. However, the most important member is the customer himself: it's crucial for us involve him in order to comunicate his desires which will be promptly realized.
The world wide web is full of boring and faulty websites while many graphic works may appear grey and dull, so we set ourselves the goal to change a little bit the situation. For us it's important to make the world more colorful, functional and harmonious so obviously the websites we produce are light, fast and on hand. Moreover, our logos are always pleasant to take a look at; the brochures, flyers and business cards we produce are a delight for the eyes.
Nonetheless, the portfolio of the clients shall not suffer to achive whatever they aims; so we offer prices to suit everyone and we make sure that both parties of an agreement are fully met. No one should be deprived of a goal or desire that he want to realize in the virtual world or on paper only because his economic situation doesn't allow it.
We will be happy to offer a coffee for those who find themselves close to our offices. If you're intrigued, you need a graphic or unique logo design for your shop or website, feel free to contact us now!

Staff Pumpkin

The Coder

Give him a computer with the notepad open and he will make for you a website, application or program in a bat of an eye due to its long experience in programming languages like php, javascript, css and many more.
Moreover, he knows how to take care of the computers we use in our office but obviously, if necessary, he also knows how to fix others laptops and desktops thanks to his in-depth knowledge on the subject; thus, if you don't know who to call in case of emercency or for a simple consultation to not hesitate to contact him now.
He is always thrilled of the new technologies that see the virtual light almost every day, which unfortunately very few know how to take full advantage of. Therefore, he occasionally even made courses so you become familiar with the world of codes and strange symbols.

The Graphicgirl

"A smile and a picture says more than thousand words" is his main motto. Already as a child she was painting with generous passion to perfect herself over the years in many different styles. Due to the fantastic printing results and the great flexibility, she creates many designs, graphics and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics), whereas Adobe Photoshop is essential in the image and photo editing.
Her mind is always full of colorful and balanced ideas and her eyes discover immediately when a color does not fit fully with another.
As it will be understood from the description given so far, she takes care of the print and web graphics. Whether it is to achieve beautiful business cards that remain etched in those who see them or individual flyers, leaflets, posters or brochures made ​​with a truly unique color combinations, the graficgirl listen carefully to every need of the customer who finds himself involved in the creation of the graphic design that he has in mind; first on the screen and then, according to the needs, even on a physical support such as paper, plastic or similar.

The Copywriter

His main weapons are a piece of paper, a pen and a keyboard. With them, he is able to defeat in an absolute manner the boredom of a reader. He has the wunderful talent to make a dry and and scientific text understandable even to those who don't know anything about a given topic.
However his sphere of action isn't limited to the composition of textes. He also takes care of SEO, SEM and of the virtual advertising in general. If you need a quick success of an E-commerce site, blog, forum or a store that you have to present in the world of web, he is the right person to do the job for you.
But he isn't only concerned in the ambits mentioned above. He is also the executive chief for the contrivance of an efficient content strategy. Last but not least he makes it happen that a company's brand is really successful or rather he's a inveterate professional to devise powerful branding strategies.