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...if you are looking for a truly outstanding graphic, a website or one of its components made with modern tecnologies, a text or a translation made by real professionals or an advertising campaign that will increase your earnings or give more visibility to your virtual space. Pumpkin - creates Graphic & Webdesign - is a company whose main goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers. We design uniquely styled logos, which can be used for your business cards, flyers, brochures and much more. If you are the owner of a store or an office, we offer you complete packages of corporate design which are fully customizable here. We also write content for websites, advertising slogans that remain etched in memory, graphics for shop signs and SEM strategies that are available in Italian, German and English.
Of course, we are also keen on making Internet a more colorful and functional world, thanks to the websites we produce. Using an e-shop, a website or an extension signed Pumpkin, you can be sure of its unique design, due to a tasty mix of modern art and graphic design combined with a clever use of modern technologies like responsive design and Javascript libraries.
However, if you already have your own space in the World Wide Web and you just feel it's time to restyle it, maybe because it looks old-fashioned or it doesn't work properly, no problem: Pumpkin - creates Graphic & Webdesign - will make it for you! We will optimize, modernize and adapt your website to mainstream web standards (SEO inclusive), whether if it's a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or an e-commerce site. Get a quote, just right now!
For the present, we wish you a pleasant stay in our virtual space; we're sure you will find what you're looking for. However, if you belong to the category of people who don't know exactly what they really need, ask for a free consultation, and together we will achieve a solution for your problem or desire.



A flyer is perfect to inform your customers of your business or service you offer. Available in many sizes, in black and white or colored, one or two sided. Choose the style that you want, or if you do not have a clear idea, we can offer an example based on your desires and needs.


Perfect product if you are not satisfied with a simple flyer which allows you to print only the essential information; while with a brochure you can add promotions, a full description and/ or photos of your company and much more. Obviously it is also suitable for seminars, courses and similar purposes. Available in 4, 6 or 8 sides.


A great way for those who want to show off in style. Great to announce a concert, a show, an exhibition, an opening of a new store and much more. To receive immediately a quote you can contact us now or send us a drawing made ​​by you and we will digitize it for you

Business cards

A business card is essential for those who want to have their contact details always on hand. Available in many colors, single or double-sided. If you want, you can take a look at our great deals here.


Nowadays it is essential to have a website to promote their business or opinion. We will build it for you. Our websites are made with an unique and individual style that will remain imprinted for those who visit it. Feel free to request a free consultation at any time, or browse our gallery here.


Illustrations and Icons can be used in many different ways and give your website, blog, e-commerce shop or logo an unique and original appearance. Whether flatstyle, playful, technical or in 3D, we design for you illustrations, icons and portraits according to your wishes and ideas. Contact us here..

Plugin development

If you are not satisfied with the functionalities of your website or online store we could add without any problem other plugins. We develop them for many web-based software. For more information do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Logo design

A logo is needed because potential customers need to identify your company; it should be designed with an unique and individual style. For further information you are invited to take a look at the appropriate page.

Corporate design

Once identified the perfect image for your business we can proceed to create a full furnishing with your logo, such as a notepad, envelopes, pre-printed sheets to send letters and everything you need to ensure you get a good impression on the customer.


Very often we are convinced that knowing how to write and translate texts is a property of all persons, but it is not so. It's a profession like any other. Exactly for this reason we have added it to our offers. For the prices you can take a look here or contact us to get a quote.


The optimization of the content of a site or blog is very important to get more visibility on the search engines and therefore an increase in potential customers and/ or visitors. Feel free to contact us now or browse our offers.

Content strategy

A slogan, text, or similar has a great potential, thus the words must be chosen with great care to obtain an equally great effect. We offer several combinations or packages in combination with other products. Check them out now!

Online advertising

To increase your online sales it's a good practice to start an online advertising campaign or SEM strategy. We can help you increase your ROI, choose the right keywords based on your products and much more. For a quote you can contact us or choose one of our offers.